Join the Simbiosis Mayhem!

Are you a DJ or producer looking for a place where you can record a set with multiple camera views and professionally mixed and mastered audio? Come visit our studio and meet other music fanatics.

The problem: Live streams are increasingly being cutoff on Facebook Live

Our core business used to be live streaming DJ sets on and later via Facebook live. Recently copyright filters are ruling Facebook and we can’t seem to get through a complete DJ set without being cutoff. This means we can’t offer our audience and the DJ’s on our live streams the quality we want. Thus, we found a solution in the mayhem!

The solution: Recording DJ sets with higher audiovisual quality and share it on multiple channels.

The goal is to record 3 DJ’s sets with multiple cameras from different angles and to record the audio with a qualitative stand alone recorder. After recording these DJ sets we retreat to the editing room to turn it into a qualitative audiovisual set to share on Youtube, Mixcloud and other logical channels.

What the Mayhem will look like
  • You are be welcomed by the Simbiosis Crew
  • You set up your gear to play your set
  • The camera angles and audio equipment will be checked
  • You record your prepared set of 1 to 1,5 hours
  • After the DJ set recording we film an introduction where you introduce your set. This is used for promotional content when your set will be released
  • Hang out and chill with the crew

In sum, a very structured mayhem! Although we all know that in the music entertainment. Nothing ever goes as planned. So bring on the chaos!

Simbiosis Mayhem Behind the Scenes

Why are we offering this?

At Simbiosis we love to meet and connect with people who love music just as much as we do. Every DJ and producer we meet bring something new and we love to learn something everyday.

Who are we looking for?

From DJ’s and producers that can’t seem to get out of their bedroom to more experienced DJ’s and producers that are looking to broaden their network. We can’t wait to meet you!

How much will participation in Simbiosis Mayhem cost?

Simbiosis Mayhem is an experience we offer FREE of charge.

Aight, where do I sign up?

Are you ready for some Mayhem?!

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