We are Simbiosis Studio. To us, Simbiosis means two entities working together which results in a better creation than when these same entities would have tried to create the same thing on their own. Bottom line is, that we believe that co-creation makes for the most beautiful music experience.  

We want you to know that if you are someone who believes in the connecting and uniting power of music and you express this by being a DJ, producer, event organisation, decorating team, performer or party guest and you believe in unity instead of separation, you have found your people.
Let´s get together and show the electronic music scene our way of cooperation. Let’s create the next step together and find a stage.

Music is our connection. Let´s unite!

Meet the crew

The crew members all love bringing people together and connecting them with music. Each crew member has their own skills and expertise. From DJing, producing music, visual designer, building event decoration, video making, event communication, photography to being part of an event production crew. You name it and we’ll probably have someone that can do it.


Owner of Simbiosis Studio, mixing & mastering, event production, audio engineer, DJ, drum machine live performance.


Livestream manager, director of content, event decoration & event production.


Design, event production and DJ.


Livestream organization, event organization, event decoration, event production and DJ.

Interested in working with us? We would love to connect.