FAQ for DJ's and artists

Below you find our most frequently asked questions and answers. Still not the answer you’re looking for? Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page. And we will contact you. 

I signed up on your website to play on one of your livestreams, what happens next?

First, thank you for showing interest and your enthusiasm to play on one of our online events. We will review your application and contact you within 14 days to see what we can do for each other. 

I performed on one of your shows, what will happen to my performance? 

Every online event is recorded by us with video and audio. After an event we will edit each set into a video of your performance that has high quality video and mastered audio. After a minimum of 4 weeks that the initial live event took place we will plan a youtube premiere of your performance on a thursday night at 7:30 PM (CET). It would be awesome if you attend the premiere as well to hang out and live chat with your audience.

May I upload the video of my performance to my own social channels?  

Preferably not. We put a lot of time and effort into organizing, promoting and hosting these online events and the production of these artist videos. We want to offer new & fresh talent a jumpstart into a big community of music enthusiasts. That’s why it’s important to host these videos from a single place and create a reach as wide as possible to reach as many people as we can. You can always share the links of course and add the video into your youtube playlists on your own channel. In that way it’s visible to your subscribers.  

What happens when my video is denied by YouTube because of copyrighted material?

At Simbiosis Studio we mostly produce DJ videos which more often than not contain copyrighted material. An estimate of 98% of the videos that are uploaded will be flagged but are still allowed to be viewed, and the ad revenue goes to the original owner. In 2% of the cases the video gets blocked completely and isn’t visible on YouTube. We then have two options which you will be contacted about: 

  1. We cut the blocked audio from the video so the rest of your video is still visible. 
  2. We upload the audio of your performance to Mixcloud. 

What about the promotion of my performance?

We will create artwork for you to use to promote your performance. We will share this on our own channels of course, but it’s also important you share it with your own followers as well. Most of the time the people who follow you are people we don’t yet know, so if we only post about your performance on our channels we won’t reach your followers. It almost takes no effort because you can wait for the moment we share it on our page and then share it from there.