Bass Buffet

Make your speakers question their life choices

Get ready to be slapped in the face with beats that hit harder than a wrecking ball on steroids! This sonic feast we’ll make your eardrums beg for mercy.

These beats will slap you AWAKE!

Brace yourself for the relentless assault of drum n bass, the pulse-pounding vibes of bass house, the untamed rhtyhms of jungle, and the gritty flow of hip hop. We don’t just play music; we unleash sonic beasts that’ll make your speakers question their life choices.

All aboard the BASS rollercoaster
to get turned upside down and inside out.

Imagine a musical rollercoaster turning you upside down and inside out with a whole lot of “what did I just listen to?”. This isn’t your grandma’s tea-time playlist, this is the Bass Buffet experience. We’re not here to delicately serenade you; we’re here to slap you awake and inject your soul with pure bass adrenaline. 

WARNING: May cause involuntary headbanging, bass face and an uncontrollable urge to dance like nobody’s watching (even if they are). Side effects may include a newfound love for the chaotic beauty of bass in all its glorious forms. 

So if you’re tired of the same old, same old and crave a musical experience that’s equal parts aggressive, clumsy and downright cheeky, welcome to Bass Buffet. Grab your metaphorical fork and knife because we’re about to serve you a buffet of bass that’ll leave you craving more. 

Prepare your ears and let the feast begin!

Watch all the DJ sets when and wherever you want!

The live stream is broadcasted to Twitch. We understand not everybody can tune in live, so we also record the DJ sets or live performance and upload it to our Youtube channel a few weeks after. This way everybody can enjoy these delicious BASS music sets when and where they want to. 

livestreaming a dj set with a webcam

Upcoming livestreams.

Besides Bass Buffet we have a lot of different livestreams. We like to present a variety of genres and each with their own livestream event. Fungal Fantasy for Psytrance, Acid Bash! for all musical things with a taste of acid in it. And of course Bass Buffet with all kinds of Bass heavy music. Check our Facebook event agenda for when our next event is! 

Will you be on the line-up for the next live stream?

We’re always looking for new talent and right now we are planning our live streams for the year 2023. If you’d like to play a DJ set or liveset at our next live stream we would love it if you sign up!