Every first Friday of the month, Naadt plays a freshly produced acid tekno liveset. In these live streams he performs his music on the gear he produced it with. In his performance you can hear the influences of the Dutch Tekno underground. A scene that’s in his heart and will always be an inspiration for the music he makes.  

Gear of Naadt

The gear to create his music

Through the years Naadt collected a diverse setup of hardware machines to create his music. For music production and performing he uses:

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Friday Naadt Live #1

Acid tekno hardware set

Friday Naadt Live #4

Acid tekno hardware set

Naadt playing on his gear

About Naadt

Naadt is the owner of Simbiosis Studio and has experience with DJ-jing, producing music and performing this music for over 20 years. From his passion for everything electronic music related and a believe in the benefits of coorperation to make musical creations, he founded Simbiosis Studio.